Oh No He Di-in’t

The double standard strikes again. What gives? Watch Katie tonight on The O’Reilly Factor at 8pm EST on Fox News. More to come tomorrow….

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Katie on the Red Carpet

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Katie Makes the List Again

On Jackcolton.com

No stranger to the occasional, eh, “controversial headline,” Las Vegas’ own 24-year-old Katie Rees makes her second appearance on our annual list of the Most Beautiful People. And regardless of what may come across from time-to-time in the media, the Katie Rees we all know and love is best known for her outgoing sense of humor and her absolute willingness to give you the $2,500 Gucci dress off of her back, without even so much as a second thought.

It’s nice to see Katie getting props instead of being scrutinized for every little mistake. Thanks Jack!

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Katie was named one of the Women of the Night which, despite it’s suggestive name, honors “the sexiest movers and shakers” of the Vegas hospitality industry. Go Katie!

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Katie will be celebrating her 23rd birthday in style at Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas on Sunday, August 12th. Happy Birthday, Katie!

Leave your birthday wishes here for Katie and we will make sure she sees them!

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Katie Rees (w/ George Maloof ) at the 2007 Cine Vegas Film Festival Closing Night Party & Vegas Magazine 4th Anniversary Party
Katie Rees George Maloof

Katie Rees Cine Vegas Party


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Katie will be on the O’Reilly factor tonight discussing Miss New Jersey’s recent run in with a blackmailer who claims to have compromising photos of her. Fortunately for Miss NJ the photos haven’t surfaced.  Can’t say Katie was so lucky. Nonetheless, looks like pageant women are actually real people.

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Katie’s World is an Oyster

Last weekend kicked off the opening of Pearl at The Palms, where Gwen Stefani was the first to break in the state-of-the-art concert venue on the first date of her 2007 tour.

No doubt (just had to do it), Katie was there. She told us this about the evening, “It was an amazing show. I can’t think of a better place to see a concert and Gwen Stefani, well, I’ve always been a fan, so I had an unbelievable time.”

Also walking the red carpet were Luke Wilson, The Hiltons, Bruce Willis, Panic! At the Disco, Nicolette Sheridan, Tommy Lee to name a few. After a private reception, the guests were led to their luxury skyboxes inside the new theater, which include private bars, lounges and restrooms. Swanky!

After the concert, the party moved on to Moon nightclub in the Fantasy Tower.

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So, is anybody wondering what happened to Beacher’s Madhouse? Here’s the exclusive story on what really happened.

In early January, Katie was asked to host and introduce acts for this season’s premier party at the Hard Rock’s The Joint on March 29th where Paris Hilton would also be a featured guest. A mere few days later it was reported to the Associated Press, that for $2 million Katie was hosting a female orgasm contest at the event.

Katie never agreed to host such a competition and the offer was no where near $2 million. That amount of cash was, however, exactly what Beacher was purportedly getting from the Hard Rock for the next two seasons of freakshows parties.

Beacher, once an acquaintance of Katie’s, claimed he didn’t release the report about the orgasm contest nor the $2 million and promised to issue a retraction. But, it was too late, several media outlets had picked up the news and the public was thus left to assume that it was the next obvious step for someone like Katie. If the retraction was ever actually issued, it never made it from the fax machine to the press.

What a clever and diabolical way to hitch a wagon to some hot publicity and free advertising. You only have to be willing to take advantage of someone when they are vulnerable. Seems like Katie has cornered the market on knowing deceitful assholes who will throw you under the bus for a buck.

As it turns out karma, Cirque Du Soleil, and Peta seem to have set their sites on suing someone, which may be the cause of the season’s delayed schedule.

Cirque Du Soleil sent a cease and desist letter regarding Beacher’s advertising the Madhouse parties as “Cirque Du Soleil meets Girls Gone Wild”. Not surprisingly, a similar letter was never issued by lawyers of Joe Francis of “Girl’s Gone Wild” infamy. (Although, they might just be busy with other things.) Peta is just “mad” about the live monkey show.

Now more than a month past it’s originally scheduled kick-off, the first event of the season is now scheduled for May 29th. Will Katie be there? Not likely, unless of course, Beacher wants to actually cough up that $2 million he let the press think she was getting.

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Weekend Fun with Katie

Katie Rees
Katie relaxes at the Bare Pool and Lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

Later she played a few hands of poker at the JET Nightclub Celebrity Poker Tournament, and was spotted with George Maloof, owner of The Palms.

She ended her evening at JET’s one-year anniversary party.

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It looks like Donald Trump is the go-to guy when it comes to assessing whether or not someone deserves a second chance. Maybe he really is our moral compass.

Extra TV asked Trump what he thought of Baldney’s Britney’s decline and he naturally overcame any inclination to withhold an opinion:

“I know Britney. She’s performed for me and she was always so nice. She was like the queen five years ago… it’s very sad to see what’s happening,” The Donald admitted.

“But in this world, anybody can make a comeback and hopefully somebody’s going to give Britney a second chance. She needs it,” Trump said.

Okay, Katie, it’s time to break out the booze and the clippers and get thee to rehab. It appears The Donald only helps those who hurt themselves.

The Donald demonstrates that his hair is
actually a transmitter for messages from God.

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We recently asked Katie Rees for an interview so that we could hear her side of the story regarding the scandalous photos that resulted in the loss of her title as Miss Nevada.

Katie graciously agreed to speak with us by phone and during the course of our initial conversation, we suggested that maybe she’d rather write a blog post so that she could share her experience in her own words.

Again, Katie graciously agreed to our request and sent us part one of her story to use in our inaugural post. This is a Katie Rees Blog exclusive that you won’t find anywhere else


A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

It’s June 2004 and I’m out with my friends. It’s a night like many other 19 year-olds have had. We’re in a bar, there’s drinking going on, it’s getting late and one of my friends has just had a breast enhancement. Not typical? Yeah, right.

The thing about boob jobs is that the boobs are like a pair of really expensive shoes that you want everyone to notice. Or they are like some prototype you show to other women who are thinking about getting some new ones. They are not this sexy little secret anymore; they are accessories. This has significance.

For what it’s worth, mine are real.

One of our friends wants to be a photographer. I use the word ‘photographer’ loosely here because without the subject matter his pictures suck. He brings the camera everywhere. And he starts taking pictures just like he always has. We are goofing off, posing in ways we wouldn’t want our parents to see, doing things we wouldn’t do off camera, not even thinking about it, and I’m not going to remember it. In our teen-aged brains we are not weighing consequences, grasping the big picture, seeing our futures, or calculating our steps…

If you could go back four years, what would you change?

Fast forward to early October 2006. I’ve moved on. I’ve grown up a lot. I’m Miss Nevada. I’ve worked hard for this. Things are great. I’m going to charity events. I’m making appearances. I’m a beauty queen.

Two months later it’s December and Tara Conner, reigning Miss USA, is tearfully thanking Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization for giving her a second chance. She has been drinking under age, doing illegal drugs, and was seen making out with Miss Teen USA, who is also named Katie. Tara admits she has an addiction, goes to rehab, and keeps her crown.

Days later, December 21st to be exact, a phone call informs me that there are pictures of me on the Internet—not the ones in my Photobucket account and not the ones on the Miss Nevada website. They are pictures from June 2004 of me with my friends and they are something we wouldn’t want our parents to see. Now the whole world can see.

I look at the pictures. Glimpses of the evening begin flooding back to me. There I am, over three years ago—a lifetime ago—being stupid.

This guy who took these pictures was my friend. He ate dinner in my home with my parents.

How much are your friends worth?

Reporters are camping on my parents’ lawn now. The phone is ringing and ringing and RINGING. It’s four days before Christmas and my world is imploding.

Somebody do something. God.

I am in the home I grew up in with my parents. I can’t go outside. I can’t answer the phone. I am paralyzed.

My parents call my attorney. He sends out a press release. There’s a mistake. It says I was 17. I see myself on television with black boxes, stars, and other shapes covering what isn’t appropriate. For America.

I have lost my crown.

What? Wait a minute. Where’s my second chance? Where’s my comeback? WTF? That was over three years ago. I didn’t kiss Miss Teen USA. Why hasn’t Donald Trump called me? Don’t I get to explain?

My attorney and agent organize a press conference. It is two days before Christmas. My parents are by my side and my grandparents are watching. I am wearing a new suit. The room is filled with reporters, cameras, and lights. I say what I have practiced a million times in my head. They are waiting to eat me alive.

When I am done with my statement, I stop before I leave the room and let them photograph me. I hear a reporter make the remark “she should have cried”.

I felt like crying, you asshole.

Diane Sawyer, Larry King, “Extra”, “Inside Edition”, Dr.Keith Ablow (who is he?), Montel Williams, Dr. Phil, and lots of others want to talk to me. I speak to no one. Who can I talk to?

It’s after Christmas and I get confirmation. Donald Trump’s lawyer says it’s a done deal. There’s a new Miss Nevada in town.

I had spoken publicly to no one since I have declared to grant interviews only after I hear from Donald Trump (or his people) that I have lost my crown. “Extra” reports that he will wait until after the New Year to make his decision. He is on vacation. We are all confused. “Extra” confirms the quote. Trump’s attorney says he’ll have to get back with us. We wait some more. It was supposed to be over already.

My agent, who has known me for sixteen years, pours through the requests and offers. He talks to dozens of producers, radio hosts, club promoters, and the press.

The producer for “Inside Edition” says Deborah Norville is a friend of Donald Trump and she will call him during the interview to help plead my case. It also turns out that my agent’s partner represented Deborah during the years she was getting started.

It seems like a good choice for my first interview. She will be fair. This is what I want.

To be continued… My “Inside” Experience

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